A Better New Mexico Begins Right Here. Right Now.

Damian Lara

Democrat for New Mexico's First Congressional District

From pulling potatoes out of the ground,
to the halls of Congress and being awarded
"Outstanding Congressional Staffer" in DC.

Damian Lara is the result of PROGRESSIVE POLICY
helping folks, to live the AMERICAN DREAM.

Damian Lara believes in a better New Mexico,
because you deserve better.


Damian will fight for you.
He'll fight For a Better New Mexico.  

Damian Lara will fight for a
education and
better high-quality
healthcare that is affordable for all. 


As your former Deputy County Assessor,
attorney for the NM Legislature,
former US Congressional staff member,
staffer for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus,
and now an Albuquerque attorney,
specializing in taxation and immigration law,
Damian Lara has committed his career to fighting to
improve the lives of New Mexicans. 

Damian and his wife, Iris, live in Albuquerque with their two dogs.

Damian is a full time candidate that lives his values.

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