a better new mexico

Better Economy



A better economy that creates better jobs:

  • Increasing access to capital for small businesses, start ups and entrepreneurs; 
  • Increasing funding for, and access to, the Small Business Administration and Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, while reducing red tape and bureaucracy; 
  • Balancing a budget that focuses resources on middle-class working Americans, raising adequate revenue to meet budgetary needs while restoring fairness to the tax code, and smartly cut spending to ensure long-run fiscal sustainability; 
  • Make necessary investments in infrastructure, broad band, waterways and public safety, particularly in Indian Country and in rural America; and 
  • Diversifying our energy economy over time by providing employee training programs and employer/corporate incentives to transition from fossil fuels to solar, wind, nuclear and geothermal.

Better criminal justice system for true justice for ALL: 

  • Ensuring Fire Grants, Police Grants and other Public Safety Grants include appropriate training for community policing, best practices, and crime prevention, intervention and diversion;  
  • Stopping unfunded mandates requiring local police to enforce federal civil immigration laws;  
  • Ensuring Courts and Judges have the resources and training needed to recognize implicit bias;  
  • Dedicating funding and technical assistance for Indian Tribes, Nations and Pueblos to exercise criminal or civil jurisdiction as they deem appropriate, particularly when federal government is unable or unwilling to exercise said jurisdiction; and  
  • Reforming our federal prison system to focus nonviolent criminals on treatment and rehabilitation rather than on incarceration and providing grants and funding to state and local governments to do the same.   

Better immigration policies that protect our economy and family unity:

  • Ensuring that labor and worker protections, as well as livable wages, apply to undocumented workers in order to prevent worker exploitation and wage depression for all workers;  
  • Providing a path to citizenship for DACA, Dreamers and similarly situated young adults who through no fault of their own where brought to this Country and are contributing members of our society; 
  • Providing a mechanism to filter the tens of millions of undocumented workers and immigrants by the Department of Homeland Security and providing appropriate deportation, documentation, legal permanent residency or an eventual path to citizenship (reauthorizing 245(i) of the INA); and 
  • Taking the decision of who enters this country out of the hands of the drug cartels by increasing the number of visas and cutting the 20 to 30 year wait time by more than half;  

Better Education


How we get there:

  • Focusing Pre-K to 12 on 100% graduation, allocating resources for true parody across school districts and within school districts as well as between charter schools, private and public schools; 
  • Dedicating human as well as financial resources to the areas and schools that need it most; 
  • Preparing all students for higher education, whether traditional four year university, two year community college or a vocational or trade school; and 
  • Increasing funding for Pell Grants, work study and Stanford Loans while lowering interests on student loans; making higher educational more affordable and more accessible for all.  

Better High-Quality Healthcare


How we get there:

  • Providing incentives for the Health Care Industry to reduce administrative fees and focus on preventative care and urgent care rather than emergency room services; 
  • Providing incentives for employers to provide health care plans for employees;  
  • Keeping all the best elements of the Affordable Care Act and improving on it by reducing premiums; and  
  • Working towards universal health care as a basic human right by consolidating, Indian Health Services, Medicaid, Medicare, TriCare, VA health care and the same health care plans provided to members of congress so everyone who doesn't want or doesn't have an employer health care plan, receives the same access to high quality health care as members of congress.  

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